Finished Theses

Year Title Author Supervisor
2023 Analysis of Phishing Tactics, Techniques and Procedures through Tools and Market Research Wiebke Hilmer Vincent Drury
2023 Comparison of Content-Based Clustering Methods for Phishing Websites Jan Huber Vincent Drury
2023 Development of a web-based Computer Network Widget for educational purposes Thu Van Dao Alexander Löbel
2023 Automation of Data Subject Access Requests Jan Niklas Forro Alexander Löbel
2023 Privacy Preserving Resource Allocation Lucas Wollenhaupt Andreas Klinger
2022 Integration of a Pipeline for Rule-Based Software Fingerprinting Johannes Reinartz Alexander Löbel
2022 Influence of Network Connections on the Runtime of Secure Multi-Party Computation Protocols Fabian Hippler Andreas Klinger
2022 Analysis and Detection of Impostor Domains Tobias Johnen Vincent Drury
2022 Towards a More Granular Categorization of Phishing URLs to Improve Anti-Phishing Education Jakob Drees Vincent Drury
2022 Evaluating and Enhancing Phishing Classification based on Certificate Transparency Logs Moritz Thiele Arthur Drichel, Vincent Drury
2022 Anonymization and Sharing of application-labeled Network Traces Alexander Loebel Sebastian Schäfer
2022 Application Fingerprinting using Deep Learning based on Network Traffic Raoul Offizier Sebastian Schäfer
2022 Detection of new DGAs in the Multiclass DGA Classification Setting Justus von Brandt Arthur Drichel
2022 Zero-day Phishing Detection by Assessing Visual Similarity Through Deep Learning Kawa Acikgöz Vincent Drury
2021 Distributed and Automated Network Traffic Generation of Applications with a Graphical User Interface Paul Sütterlin Sebastian Schäfer
2021 Secure Maximum Weight Matching Approximation for Privacy Preserving Kidney Exchange Andreas Brüggemann Andreas Klinger
2021 Towards Anonymous Secure Multi-Party Computation Felix Battermann Andreas Klinger
2021 Estimating the Runtime of Secure Multi-Party Computation Protocols under Network Latency Tobias Polock Andreas Klinger
2021 Estimating the Runtime of MP-SPDZ Programs Vincent Ehrmanntraut Andreas Klinger
2021 Adversarial Attacks and Defenses on DGA classifiers Konstantin Kaulen Arthur Drichel
2021 Categorization and Evaluation of Email Spoofing Attacks Tilbe Ugurel Vincent Drury
2021 A Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning Approach for DGA Detection Tim Amelung Arthur Drichel
2021 A Framework to enable Dynamic SMPC Mubasher Nawaz Chaudhary Andreas Klinger
2021 Privacy-Preserving Linear Programming Approaches for the Kidney Exchange Problem Pascal Hein Malte Breuer
2021 Prioritization in Privacy-Preserving Kidney Exchange Annika Hallensleben Malte Breuer
2021 Evaluation and Optimization of a Distributed Key Generation Adrian Azemi Andreas Klinger
2021 Phishing Detection based on Website Content Jan Holle Vincent Drury
2021 Application Fingerprinting based on System Events using Process Mining Nicolas Heinen Sebastian Schäfer
2020 Analyzing the Discretization Problem for Adversarial Training of DGA Detection Classifiers Nils Eberhardt Arthur Drichel
2020 Designing a Matching-Based Protocol for Privacy-Preserving Multi-Party Bartering Tobias Räwer Malte Breuer
2020 Collection and Classification of Phishing Mails Maximilian Lutz Vincent Drury
2020 Software Specific Network Traffic Generation by Automation of the Graphical User Interface Frederik Basels Sebastian Schäfer
2020 Application of Process Mining in Software Fingerprinting Christian van Sloun Sebastian Schäfer
2020 Website Dating and its Application in the Examination of Phishing Campaigns Luisa Lux Vincent Drury
2020 Detection and Analysis of MFA Phishing Frameworks Georg Vinogradov Vincent Drury
2020 Systematic Categorization and Templating of Phishing Emails for Educational Purposes Jan Luca de Riese Vincent Drury
2020 A Study of Model Inversion Defenses in Deep Learning Benedikt Holmes Arthur Drichel
2020 DGA Detection on Encrypted DNS Traffic using Machine Learning Markus Baumgart Arthur Drichel
2020 Multiclass Classification of DGAs using Classical Machine Learning Approaches Nils Faerber Arthur Drichel
2020 Collection of User Data for Personalized Phishing Education Tobias Johnen Vincent Drury, René Röpke
2020 Developing a tool to generate phishing URLs for user education and proactive detection Kai Liehr Vincent Drury
2020 Laying Ground Truth in Network-based Software Fingerprinting Olav Lamberts Sebastian Schäfer
2020 Implementation and Evalutation of a Hierarchical and Dynamic Threshold Paillier Cryptosystem Jan Richter Andreas Klinger
2020 Visualization of Security-Related Information in Email Malte Reddig Vincent Drury


Developing a Web-based User Interface for DONUT Emildeon Thevaraj Sebastian Schäfer
2019 Hardening of Domain Generation Algorithm Classifiers Mike Lorang Arthur Drichel
2019 DNS-based Network Fingerprinting using Machine Learning Mario Fuhrmann Sebastian Schäfer
2019 Combined Detection of Trade Cycles and Trade Chains for Privacy-Preserving Bartering Malte Breuer Andreas Klinger, Stefan Wüller
2019 Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Secure Multi-Party Computation Felix Battermann Andreas Klinger
2019 Phishing website hosting structure Justus von Brandt Vincent Drury
2018 DNS-based Network Fingerprinting Sebastian Schäfer Ulrike Meyer
2018 Analysis of Security Best Practices for End-Users Vincent Drury Ulrike Meyer
2018 Security Analysis of Automotive Electronic Control Units Arthur Drichel Ulrike Meyer, Günter Keßler
2018 Hierarchical and Dynamic Threshold Paillier Cryptosystem without Trusted Dealer Andreas Klinger Stefan Wüller, Giulia Traverso
2018 Designing and Implementing Efficient Variants of Privacy-Preserving Conditional Random Selection Justus Ungerechts Stefan Wüller
2018 Secure Patient-Donor Matching for Kidney Exchanges Kalin Komitov Stefan Wüller
2018 Privacy-Preserving Identifiaction of Trade Chains in Barter Exchange Markets Malte Breuer Stefan Wüller
2018 Bringing Privacy-Preserving Multi-Party Bartering to Practice Benjamin Assadsolimani Stefan Wüller
2017 Designing an Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Multi-Party Protocol for the Identification of Bartering Opportunities by Means of Secure Graph Algorithms Michael Vu Stefan Wüller
2016 Android Malware Obfuscation and Deobfuscation Jens Piekenbrinck Dominik Teubert
2015 Covert Remote Syscall Communication at Kernel Level Florian Kerber Dominik Teubert
2015 Anomaly-Based Mobile Malware Detection Fred Grossmann Dominik Teubert
2015 Comparative Analysis of Binary and Arithmetic Secure Comparison Operations in the Context of Bartering Benjamin Assadsolimani Stefan Wüller
2015 Towards Securing Two-Party Bartering Against Active Attackers Wadim Pessin Stefan Wüller
2015 Design and Comparative Analysis of Privacy-Preserving Two-Party Interval Operations for Different SMPC Approaches Samuel Schüppen Stefan Wüller
2015 Analysis of Internet Communication Initiated by Mobile Malware Targeting Android Devices Justus Lauten Marián Kühnel
2014 Evaluation of the performance of routing protocols for Wireless Mesh Networks and their secure variants Jan-Michael Czypull Patrick Herrmann
2014 Genealogy of Mobile Malware Targeting the Android OS Manfred Smieschek Marián Kühnel
2014 Information Hiding in the Public RSA Modulus Stefan Wüller Marián Kühnel
2013 Generating a Reputation System for Wireless Mesh Networks by Profiling Expected Node Behavior Alton MacDonald André Egners
2013 Machine-readable tags in the public space: Benefits and risks Pol Guerkinger Johannes Gilger
2013 Thin hypervisors for Windows: Applications and pitfalls Carl-Benedikt Krüger Johannes Gilger
2013 Case Study of Vendor-Specific Update Policies in the Android Ecosystem Andreas Hudzieczek Marián Kühnel, Mark Schlösser
2013 Detektion mobiler Schadsoftware mittels Analyse anomaler System Calls Fatmir Sulejmani Dominik Teubert
2013 Secure Multiparty Computation on Smartphones: A Field Study Philipp Siebenkotten Georg Neugebauer, Dominik Teubert
2013 Classification of Mobile Malware with the Help of Machine Learning Techniques Bernd Lommerzheim Marián Kühnel
2013 Entropy based Bytecode Detection for the ARM Architecture Alexander Urban Marián Kühnel
2013 Cold Boot Attacks and recovery of cryptographic keying material Jens Feuster Florian Weingarten, Johannes Gilger
2013 A Modular Framework For Untrusted Code Execution on Linux Johannes Krude Mark Schlösser
2012 Implementation and Evaluation of a Secure and Privacy Preserving Roaming Protocol with Tariff Negotiation Andreas Straub Johannes Barnickel
2012 Distributed Collaborative Recommender Systems in a Privacy-Preserving Manner Christian Bien Georg Neugebauer
2012 Infrastructure Support for Handover in WLAN Mesh Networks Patrick Herrmann André Egners
2012 Secure Management, Maintenance and Monitoring of WMN Testbeds Tobias Jarmuzek André Egners
2012 Implementierung und Sicherheitsanalyse zweier Privatsphäre Erhaltender Firewallaustauschprotokolle Inga Herber Georg Neugebauer
2012 Using Satisfiability Checking for Automated Return Oriented Programming Felix Wilhelm Mark Schlösser
2012 Analysis and Detection of Botnets using SMS for Command and Control Traffic on the Android Platform Bastian Manske Marián Kühnel
2012 Current and Future Botnet Techniques Felix Glaser Mark Schlösser
2012 Towards Secure Private Ordered Set Reconciliation against Active Attackers Lucas Brutschy Georg Neugebauer
2012 Anomaly Detection for Current Smartphone Platforms Dominik Teubert André Egners
2011 Efficient Detection of x86 Shellcode in Arbitrary Data Georg Wicherski Georg Neugebauer
2011 A Code Analysis Toolkit for Ruby Security Audits Cornelius Aschermann Georg Neugebauer
2011 Implementing a Man-in-the-middle-attack on BlueTooth 2.1 Passkey Entry Jian Wang Johannes Barnickel
2011 A Framework for Establishing Security Associations in WMNs during Sequential Deployment Hendrik Fabelje André Egners
2011 Detection and Reaction to Malicious Node Behavior in Wireless Mesh Networks Sebastian Agethen André Egners
2011 Anonymization based on SSH Dominic Gatzen André Egners
2011 Evaluating the Use of Fully Homomorphic Encryption in Secure Multi-party Computation Florian Weingarten Georg Neugebauer
2011 Implementation and Evaluation of cryptographic algorithms using CUDA and OpenCL Johannes Gilger Johannes Barnickel
2011 Comparative Study of Protection Mechanisms for Mobile Operating Systems Björn Marschollek André Egners
2011 A new Framework for Secure Distributed Function Calls Mark Schlösser Georg Neugebauer
2011 Development of Tariff Selection for a WLAN Roaming Client for Android David Sosnitza Johannes Barnickel
2011 Analyzing Security Implications of URL Shortening Services Alexander Neumann Johannes Barnickel
2010 Privacy-Preserving Policies Reconciliation in Social Networks David Ferrest Georg Neugebauer
2010 Secure Processing of Vital Signs in HealthNet Applications using Smartphones Hakan Karahan Johannes Barnickel
2010 Comparing Rule-based Approaches to Event Filtering with Stochastic Approaches Sergej Firsov Ulrike Meyer
2010 Enhancing Privacy on Remote Data Storage - System Design and Implementation Peter Schmitz Ulrike Meyer
2010 Analyzing the Security of the 3GPP / non-3GPP Interworking Stefan Horst Ulrike Meyer
2010 Implementation and Evulation of a Secure Protocol for Time Synchronization of TelosB Motes using Digital Signatures Till Maas Johannes Barnickel
2010 Analyzing causes of privacy mismatches in a service-oriented Architecture Sharif Rahman Ulrike Meyer