If you are interested in writing your bachelor's or master's thesis with us, please take a look at the research areas which are currently handled at our institute. You can then send an email directly to the supervisor of the area that interests you the most. Make sure to look at the publications and previously supervised theses of your potential supervisor before you contact them. Next, we will discuss your background, skills and interests in terms of lectures, seminars and labs you might have attended, your programming skills as well as your own ideas for thesis topics. From this discussion we determine whether the research area is suited for you and in a second step determine possible topics from which you can then select.
Please also make sure that you meet most of the following prerequisites, or are willing to familiarize yourself with the topic of your choice.



You should have attended at least one of our lectures (or at least be familiar with the contents). Additionally, lectures on cryptography (for example by Prof. Mathar, Dr. Unger or Dr. Hanke) and the SVS lecture (Prof. Wehrle) are a plus. Attending our security lab course or taking part in our seminar before applying for a thesis is also recommended.


Research Interests

Supervisor Area
Alexander Löbel Security Education for Children
Andreas Klinger Secure Multi-Party Computation
Arthur Drichel Intrusion Detection using Machine Learning
Malte Breuer Secure Multi-Party Computation and Privacy-Enhancing Technologies